About QuickFacts

Reduce Confusion.
Increase Performance.

QuickFacts is a consulting service to improve business operations and efficiencies. We create custom workflows your brokerage needs to achieve consistency and efficiencies, reducing costly employee turnover and allowing your key employees to focus on their primary responsibilities. QuickFacts provides a lasting solution for change that is complemented by our web-based offering. Imagine will you, a search engine for your business! 

Our customized workflow creation, combined with our web-based solution, will help reduce your exposure to E&O claims while saving your brokerage time and money. Our Mission is to ensure we find every avenue to improve business efficiencies for your brokerage’s success. 

QuickFacts works with your company to find lasting solutions to your problems to make real changes and improvements. We don’t leave you with the sugar rush feeling. We guarantee we won’t leave you all pumped up and encouraged when working with your team and then leave you with the sugar crash that happens when nothing of substance has changed.

Our promise to you

We don't take your time; we give your time back!

Christy's Story

Christy has over 15 years of experience as an Insurance Broker. The past decade has been spent in a management capacity, where she perfected operations and efficiencies. Her experience in working and managing brokerages covers traditional brokerages up to leading-edge digital brokerages.

She is very passionate and active in the insurance community. She started sharing this passion in the Young Broker Network committee that is part of IBANS. She was the Chair of the Young Broker Network from 2017-2018, and then she had the privileged to sit on the IBANS board of directors from 2018 – 2020. She stepped down to pursue her dream of launching QuickFacts. While she was on the board of directors with IBANS, she taught CAIB courses to help students on their path to gaining their CAIB designation.

Most importantly, she is referred to by industry friends and co-workers as an “Insurance Nerd.”