Increase Your
Productivity with

Increase Your
Productivity with

Does Your Organization Need Organization?

QuickFacts helps your insurance brokerage business stay organized with our custom software and training. Save your team hours every day and keep your operations up-to-date.

Are you tired of the sugar rush?

Are you looking for more than catchphrases and positive speeches and looking for real changes in operations and efficiencies for your office?

QuickFacts is for you! We work with your company to set up our software to match your specific brokerage needs and make it easily accessible in your broker management system.

With our unique software that compares all of your insurance carriers and provides detailed workflows, we assure you, we do not leave you with a sugar rush!

How We Help

We focus on three main services that tie your business together

Customized Workflows

We work directly with your entire team to determine how to optimize your operations. We create detailed workflows and load them onto our software for everyone on your team to follow.
Already have workflows? Great! We can upload and keep those up to date for you as well.

All Your Online Resources In One Place

Every employee is wasting 1-2 hours a day searching for carrier information. QuickFacts has all of the carrier information compiled side-by-side with links to their manuals for easy referencing. Additionally, we include pages with your internal team information.


Training new employees is a drain on your resources. It usually takes over a month to properly train a new broker and pulls your management team away from essential duties. Our team is happy to train your new staff member in as little as 2 weeks and with the QuickFacts software, they have everything they need to stay on track.

What Our Clients Say

Christy and the QuickFacts team do an absolutely incredible job of building and tweaking workflows to create efficiencies for your brokerage and really simplify things for your team. There is no way we could have launched and grown Cheep Insurance into what it is today without the workflows Christy has built for our team and the QuickFacts system.

All the information our team could possibly need is available at the click of a button via QuickFacts – company underwriting rules, payment plan information, our internal brokerage workflows, step-by-step instructions for every single process the team follows – the list goes on. When you write business with 10+ different companies, use 20+ different systems, and have a constant stream of clients relying on you, it’s impossible to keep everything straight. QuickFacts empowers our team to work efficiently while following workflows exactly – and most importantly – it gives them the confidence to really excel at their jobs without having to worry if they missed a step in a process or misremembered an underwriting rule or payment plan feature.

I honestly don’t know what we’d do without it, and I am always blown away by the efficiencies Christy is able to add to our processes and the time they save our team (as we all know, time is money!)

Jennifer Jackson
Director, Business Development Cheep Insurance