Customized Workflow Services

Your business is unique, so why should you fit into a pre-packaged program. QuickFacts helps you gain the operational efficiencies you need while still keeping your business unique.

We have a 4-step approach to getting your business the results you desire. This 4-step approach is what sets QuickFacts apart from regular software. We don’t just talk to your employees; we observe them, which helps us find things your team were not aware were possible. This approach leads to your company gaining the skills and industry experience of our team to recognize untapped opportunities.

Next, we construct the customized workflows that will optimize efficiencies while ensuring your team is covering everything needed to prevent your company’s E&O exposures. The workflows are built to keep your business operating how you envision it. We work as a complement to your dream!

QuickFacts uses the newest and user-friendly project management programs so you can see the project as it unfolds and ensure the plan is staying on the timelines promised.

1. Assessment

We sit down with your team to find out your companies’ goals and needs. Current operational procedures are reviewed and watched in action on your front lines.

2. Implementation

We work with your team to create custom workflows that create a consistent and efficient experience for your team and customers. These are housed in our software and linked to comparisons and other useful tools.

3. Training

Our team trains your team on the new operational efficiencies. We also create customized, new employee onboarding training and follow-up training for your team as needed.

4. Continued Support

As your business changes, so will the updates to your workflows and processes.